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You store & send data in megabytes & gigabytes, why not send money and secure data in DigiBytes?


Advanced State of the Art Encryption Technology Secures the Blockchain


DigiByte to Match Visa by 2021 With a Capacity of 200,000 TPS by 2035


DigiByte Allows Instant Transaction Notifications With 15 Second Blocks


Five Independent Mining Algorithms Make DigiByte Highly Decentralized

  • Jared Tate Cryptographically Proves He is DigiByte Creator

    To follow the lead of Charlie Lee (Litecoin) I would like to demonstrate how easy it would be for Dr. Wright to verify he is indeed Satoshi. 

    DigiByte Block #1 Mined January 10th, 2014: View Block #1 Here

    DigiByte Block #1 Address: DRNiw2k4iFuHGS2fF1wMahounXo6H9iGbh

    Block #1 Address Signature: IO5cnTaEVYS9JRb+IHBYcAksrn/G39QfiauoPVopU6+xVXohbWsLCr05SjbVYU2TzlPyvVK3vMmYPQXAZ7h3rNA=

  • DigiByte to Attend LA Games Conference 2016

    Part of the DigiByte team will be attending the LA Games Conference 2016 on Tuesday April 19th. The team will be demoing DigiByte Gaming as well as the DigiByte ecosystem and transactions at a booth at the conference. We would like to welcome anyone interested to meet us at our booth. More information can be found here: LA Games Conference

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